Evidence to understand socio-economic disparities in access to telehealth

It’s well documented that COVID-19 has significantly increased the number of telehealth visits between physicians and patients in the U.S.—and it will come as no surprise if this trend continues into the “new normal” post-lockdown. While the convenience of telehealth leads to better health outcomes in some populations, it further exposes the gap in access to equitable healthcare for others.

Kantar developed an interactive dashboard displaying the weekly change in telehealth use leveraging ClaritisTM, the award-winning dataset that reports clinical and patient-derived data at an individual level.

telehealth thumb-1

Navigate through more than 150,000 patient records capturing social determinants of telehealth from clinical and patient-reported data. With monthly updates, you will be the first to know how telehealth affects disease management, outcomes, treatment patterns, and costs within the U.S. health system.